SpyTalk Radio podcast episode “Accidents Will Happen”:┬átransnational crime expert Tom Sanderson discusses the emergence of Talibani Afghanistan as a terrorist state.  
A CSIS TNT & AP Report on Militant Groups and Enabling Factors–field work in Nigeria, Niger, Mali, and Senegal in 2015-2016
CSIS Podcast on changes to counterterrorism strategy in the EU with Netherlands Counterterrorism Coordinator Dick Schoof  
Essay on Terrorism in Sub-Saharan Africa in the CSIS 2016 Global Forecast
House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee, on Terrorism, Nonproliferation, and Trade; December 2, 2015 testimony addressing the November, 2015 attacks in Paris.
CSIS Q&A on the Paris Attacks, 2015
CSIS Commentary with Joshua Russakis and Claire McGillem
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