CSIS TNT & REP Situation Report on Russian-Speaking fighters in Syria and Iraq – field work in Turkey and Russia, April/May, 2017
CSIS TNT Project Situation Report on Foreign Fighters in the Philippines — field visit to Mindanao, September, 2017
Short overview of the violent extremism in Africa’s Sahel region.
A CSIS TNT & AP Report on Militant Groups and Enabling Factors–field work in Nigeria, Niger, Mali, and Senegal in 2015-2016
A CSIS TNT & MEP Report: Religious Radicalism after the Arab Uprisings. Chapter 3 on Terror Finance, Jihadi-Salafi Foreign Fighters, and Growing Sanctuaries in North Africa. Field work in Tunisia, September, 2014
Editor for CSIS TNT Report on the Use of Media by the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan and the Islamic Jihad Union.
A CSIS TNT & HSP Report on Emerging Trends in Terrorist Group Activity in South Asia–field work in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh
A CSIS TNT & HSP Report Looking Ahead 15 Years to the Potential Developments Across the Al Qaeda Network.
A CSIS TNT & HSP Report Examining the Baseline Threat Posed by the Al Qaeda Network