2022 Global Issues Seminar

This two- to four-hour engagement is a client-driven program illuminating geopolitical risks and opportunities for corporations and institutions. Tom Sanderson and his team work with clients to bring dynamic, field-based research and media analysis to ongoing business activity and strategic planning. The seminars broaden horizons and tie global events and transformation to enterprise goals and concerns. Executive Seminars can be paired with a delivery of Global Disruptive Forces to a broader audience of employees and clients.

A recent Executive Seminar for a financial sector client included this 2.5-hour program:

I. Global Landscape Overview (15 minutes)

  • Review of current flash-points


II. In Depth: (90 minutes total)

  • Trump Foreign Policy; Great power rivalry (US, Russia, China)
  • Youth bulges and marginalization; human migration
  • Non-state actors (terrorists, hackers, organized crime)


III. Travel Security (15 minutes)

  • Protecting yourself; Keeping data secure


IV. Open Dialogue (30 minutes)

  • Connecting enterprise interests to global risks and transformation


Clients may select any of the issues below or choose other topics of interest.

  1. Systemic Disorder: A World in Chaos
  2. Geostrategic Competition: Economic and Military Rivalries
  3. Cyber Threats
  4. Frontier Market Political Risk
  5. Terrorism and Insurgency
  6. U.S. and Foreign Intelligence Operations
  7. Special Operations Forces
  8. Travel and Field-Work in Hostile Terrain
  9. Corruption and Bad Governance: Twin Pillars of Insecurity
  10. Refugees, Migrants, and Human Trafficking
  11. Transnational Organized Crime
  12. Africa’s Sahel Region: Drivers and Dynamics of Insecurity
  13. Europe: Populism, Migration, Division
  14. South and Central Asia: Heartland of Insecurity
  15. China: Foreign and Security Policy
  16. Russia: Foreign and Security Policy
  17. Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia: Complicated Partnerships and the U.S.
  18. Conflict Across the Middle East and North Africa
  19. Energy, Food, Water, and the Environment: Resources under Stress
  20. Religion and Ethnicity in Global Affairs
  21. Demographics: Youth Bulges, Youth Marginalization, Aging Populations
  22. Social Media: A Force Multiplier for States, Corporations, and Militants Alike
  23. Silver Linings: Progress and Promise Around the World
  24. Peering Around the Corner at Future Trends
  25. International Perspectives: How Other Governments & People View America