Global Disruptive Forces

Great power rivalry, frontier market risk, hostage diplomacy, influence operations, cyber threats, supply chain disruption, energy, climate change, pandemics, crime, terrorism, corruption—Global Disruptive Forces draws on 25 years of fieldwork across 75 countries, detailing the contours and impact of the challenges confronting our world. Sources include government officials, private sector leaders, violent extremists, academics, traffickers, clergy, NGOs, journalists, and refugees. Video, photos, and interviews from war zones to boardrooms offer authentic perspective inside the frontlines of global transformation.

Presentation duration: 30-120 minutes

Topics in Global Disruptive Forces include but are not limited to:

  1. Systemic Disorder: Overview of a World in Turmoil
  2. China and Taiwan: Conflict Scenarios, Timelines, and Probabilities
  3. Supply Chain Trends and Tribulations
  4. Travel Safety and Fieldwork Across Hostile Terrain
  5. Strategic Competition: US and EU Rivalries with Russia and China
  6. Cyber Threats: Perpetrators, Protectors, Geopolitics, The Dark Web
  7. Climate Change, Refugees, Food, and Water: Humanity in Jeopardy
  8. Terrorism Situation Report: ISIS, al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, White Supremacists
  9. Energy: Global Shifts after Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine
  10. Persian Gulf Influence Operations in the United States
  11. Dezinformatsiya: Force Multiplier for States and Extremists Alike
  12. Frontier Market Political Risk
  13. China: Foreign Policy, Defense, Trade, and Influence Operations
  14. Conflict and Competition Across the Middle East and North Africa
  15. Europe: Populists, Refugees, Fissures, and Russian/Chinese Influence
  16. Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia: America’s Complicated Partnerships
  17. Artificial Intelligence: Profound Challenge for National Security & Civil Rights
  18. US Foreign Policy and the Biden Administration
  19. Transnational Organized Crime and Terror Finance
  20. Statecraft and Financial Warfare / Sanctions
  21. Corruption and Poor Governance: Twin Pillars of Global Insecurity
  22. Global Health: Pandemics, Conflict, National Preparedness
  23. Hostage Diplomacy, Unlawful Detention, and Kidnapping
  24. Silver Linings: Progress and Promise Around the World
  25. Peering Around the Corner at Future Trends