Navigating Geopolitical Risk & Opportunity

Perspective and data are delivered via a range of presentations guided by client needs, and vary from 20-minute briefings to half-day and multi-day classes. Multimedia presentations include film footage, audio recordings, and documents gathered during overseas engagements with a full spectrum of sources. Global, regional, national, and individual subject assessments are common deliverables.

Tom Sanderson 1 Placeholder
Tom Sanderson 1
16 yr old ISIS fighter on Syria / Turkey border interview March 2015

Tom will guide your organization and individual needs as you seek better understanding of current and potential geopolitical risks and opportunities. 25 years of field-work across 70 nations and direct engagement with thousands of individuals enhances clarity and decision-making at a time of deep uncertainty.

  • Journalists
  • Academics
  • NGO Leaders
  • Professionals
  • Clergy
  • Refugees
  • Business People
  • Diplomats
  • Terrorists
  • Traffickers
  • Insurgents
  • Security Services